2 Steps to Healthy Living that we can ALL do now

Perhaps your doctor or grandmother said, “There are only 2 steps to healthy living…”

So, why is the intersection of these 2 steps so hard for so many people?  Knowing seems to get in the way of doing.

diet & exercise crossroad

Last week Gerry Farris, MD, and I were asked to provide a private session to leaders in the Lake Norman Chamber.  At their request, we now want to make that information available to you and your friends. 

 So here you go.

Most of us want:

1.  improved personal health

2.  cost savings

3.  expert next steps


And too many of us are confused or frightened about Healthy Living.


So I have collected 4 experts for you:

1.  Gerry Farris, MD, 3x all-American Ironman athlete, ER physician at Northeast Medical Center, new owner of www.reflections-spa.com and co-founder with me, in 2006, of the NC Adventure Race Series

2.  Anthony Cirillo, 

FACHE, ABC,  founder at www.EducatedAging.com and an expert on the educated aging crisis and care giving on www.About.com

    3.  Toni Branner, former UNC professor on nutrition and wellness, founder of


    4.  Martin Rooney, founder of Champions Training and Training for Warriors,    4.
Here are your possible next steps:

Doug's head shot   1.  Join us for “tele-sminar plus” dialogs.  6 sessions starting on 7.24.13.  Price jumps on 7.23.13.  Digital content available for you at any time.  For all details click here.
   2.  Request free copies of the slides or video content from the private session called Healthy Living: Healthy Business, provided by Gerrry Farris, MD, and myself last week.  For free content click here.

3.  Take a free assessment of your business health.  My friend Adam Cerda has developed this confidential online assessment as a gift to you.  Enter the username “business” and the password “health.”

4.  If you or your organization is interested in leadership coaching, the largest provider of global leadership coaching is CoachSource, founded by Marshall Goldsmith and Brian Underhill.  They have over 900 excellent leadership coaches in 44 countries… many are experts in business and individual health.

5.  Since 1997, I have guaranteed results for business leaders. For proven details on

how to gain a 500% ROIclick here.
Healthy Living is a result of both 1) knowing and 2) doing.  

Diet and exercise are the ONLY important preventative steps that we can control.  Thankfully, we CAN learn to control them.

Join us.  One of my favorite coaching question is:  “Who are you listening to?”  

When we listen to more successful people we learn more, and make smarter leadership decisions.
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