July 31
How to increase your sales

Too many “sales experts” have fuzzy theory and fuzzy results. Here is a template that I have developed over time.  It works great.  Steal this template.  Call me for details…

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July 29
What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is a behavioral change process model that works 1) for groups and 2) for individuals.   For groups, Action Learning occurs when stakeholders use real problems to acquire learning and…

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July 28
What is leadership?

This could be a long discussion.  But I’d rather keep it short.   Leadership is influence.  Nothing more, nothing less.   The word “influence” implies results.  The influence may be slight…

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July 27
How can I lead my self?

Many people ask me this question.  So you are not alone.  In fact, self-leadership is an ancient subject turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.  It is MUCH harder to lead…

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July 25
How can I sell more to existing customers?

I do not know the answer for you. Yet.  And it would be presumptuous or disingenuous if I offered a trite response.   Instead I will give you some facts.…

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July 25
How can I lead others?

This is a common question.  With both a simple answer and a complex answer. The simple answer:  Serve others well.  Provide tremendous value.   The complex answer has at least…

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July 24
How can I sell more to new customers?

I do not know the answer for you.  Yet.   I do know the answer for hundreds of other business leaders.  Since 1997 I have consulted and coached business leaders…

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July 23
8 reasons why you need a list of qualified alliance partners for your business

Business has always been defined by who you like and trust.  Those who deliver get the best results. Future business will be defined by the quality of your web of…

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July 22
To ignore millenials is to commit marketing suicide

Open your eyes!  How much time do you spend with millenials?  Not only do millenials consume the most products, they also expect results. To ignore millenials is to commit some form…

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July 21
Why leadership development “training” is dead…

Yesterday I met with an economic buyer who did not know the potential of her company. She was representative. So here are some trends and resources and options for you…

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