March 27
blog from Seth Godin on Unemployment, Entrepreneurship, and the future of business

My brother sent me this blog article today, from Seth Godin, best-selling author and marketing guru… it provoked me.  What do you think? Toward zero unemployment A dozen generations ago,…

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January 19
video: Safety Leadership Training

We can describe the value of safety leadership training all day long… But nothing beats a video. We hope that you enjoy this short video clip of a training we…

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January 18
video: EHS leaders must “adapt and overcome”

This EHS leader describes how her project site increased in size from 10 to 800+ She has some great advice for how to “adapt and overcome” We hope that you…

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January 17
video: Passionate EHS leader’s advice on how to work safely

We can write blogs all day long. But nothing captures passion like this short video clip. As you view this, or share this video, then ask a good coaching question…

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January 16
video: EHS leaders on “the best managers…”

Sometimes short video clips are able to capture candor, and wisdom. This short video clip captures both, from an experienced EHS leader who has had many managers…  enjoy!

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January 15
video: EHS leaders on the power of teams

Ever wonder what keeps people engaged on the job? Sometimes engagement is the result of continued commitment to service others.  Ask the best safety leaders.  They are continually focused on…

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January 14
EHS leaders at VC Summer

If you have any doubts about the passion, drive, and commitment of Environmental Health and Safety professionals, then this short video clip may inspire you.  Just click here…    

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January 5
WTF Coaching

WTF stands for “what the f____”     It’s a swear word.   You should know that. I swear by this:  WTF stands for “What’s The Focus?” When you FOCUS…

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January 4
I Only Sell Value

People buy products and services ONLY when they see tremendous value. When I need a discount I go to Amazon or Costco.  Transactional level of services.  I do not compete…

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January 3
Define only 3 Top Goals, then 1 Top Goal

Jim Collins is credited with saying, “If you have more than 3 “top goals”, then you will not make any a priority.” Review your goals list.  Narrow it to your…

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