September 8
The Coaching/ Consulting Process in 4 Phases

The goal of coaching is behavioral change toward a desired personal or professional outcome.   For instance, Sarah may need to develop her business development skills to grow her new franchise…

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August 16
Telemedicine: What’s the problem and how to increase adoption?

Every U.S. citizen has a vested interest and an opinion about the quality and effectiveness of healthcare delivery, a $3.8 trillion industry with rapidly escalating costs.   The fastest-growing industry…

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August 10
Book Review of Triggers, by Marshall Goldsmith (Crown Business Books, 2015)

(Disclosure: I am a fan of Marshall Goldsmith because he is an enthusiastic role model for countless executive coaches. When I shook his hand at an event hosted by the…

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August 3
How to change behavior in three steps

  Thankfully, as a species and as individuals, we know that humans adapt to environmental stimuli. Behavior changes when we (1) modify the cues (e.g. positive or negative triggers), then…

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August 1
How to diagnose physician resilience

Physicians with resilience have: Increased career satisfaction Higher personal life satisfaction Enhanced performance and efficacy Engagement with lifelong learning Skills that may be modeled and directly transferable to patients (e.g.,…

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July 6
learning and development: loop 2 of 6 in talent management

How do you measure learning and development?   The Greeks believed that the “rope of one’s life” was defined by three fates, who spun the thread of life, measured it, and…

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July 4
talent acquisition: loop 1 of 6 in talent management

The 6 Loops in Talent Management Lifecycle   The Greeks maintained that the “rope of one’s life” was defined by three fates, who spun the thread of life, measured it,…

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June 26
Physician burnout: definition and scope

What is physician burnout? Let’s start by defining the problem. The psychiatric definition of physician burnout is embedded somewhere in this word cloud. We do not mean to scare you,…

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June 26
Physician burnout and engagement by specialty

How often have you heard a physician state “I just don’t have the energy to do my job any more.” According to a national survey in the Archives of Internal…

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June 24
Physician burnout: how are you feeling?

Since the days of Hippocrates, physicians have been taught to ask this question… “How are you feeling?” And some will state to me, in confidential moments, that they are feeling…

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