Great coaching requires 2 hands…

Subject: great coaching requires two hands…

Perhaps you know the saying, “It takes two hands to …”

Or, “I can’t hear you because your actions are getting in my way …”
2 hands

Yesterday I was reminded of this provocative image when my two peer coaches each said the same thing.  

They each asked, “How are you providing tremendous value to those you care about?”  I need to listen better.  So here you go.

I love the fact that:
1.  Two hands can lead to a handshake / trust
2.  Most people have two ears and do not listen well
3.  When I listen well, I can help others excel

Some trustworthy partners for you to consider include:
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1.  Great coaching starts with great assessments.  If your organization needs global assessments with tremendous predictive validity, I recommend Executive Development Consulting, founded by Adam Ortiz.

2.  Do you know that the largest provider of global leadership coaching is CoachSource, founded by Marshall Goldsmith and Brian Underhill?  They have over 900 excellent leadership coaches in 44 countries.  A remarkable global solution.

3.  Leaders in every organization struggle with strategic consulting.  For insight, I recommend Aviv Consulting, founded by Aviv Shahar.

4.  Facts:  There are over 5 billion cell phones in use globally.  Only 4.5 billion people have access to toilets.  What do these facts suggest about our priorities?   Apps are gaining momentum as a tool for customized leadership development training.  For your customized app game, click here for a video and FAQs.  Or call me.

5.  Since 1997, I have guaranteed results for business leaders.   For a free assessment of 1) your individual strengths, or 2) your company’s business health, click here

6.  For proven details on how to gain a 500% ROIclick here.

A favorite coaching question is:  “Who are you listening to?”  

When we listen to more successful people we learn more, and make smarter leadership decisions.
Here are several ways that you can help yourself:
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