Is Charlotte, NC the “New Energy Capital?”

Let’s start with some facts:

The Charlotte Regional Partnership counts 27,000 local jobs and 250 energy related firms in the Charlotte, NC 16-county region.

Duke Energy Corporation’s recent acquisition of Progress Energy made Duke the largest electric utility in the country.

Those local firms include: Duke Energy Corp, Cb&I (formerly Shaw Power Group), Conbraco Industries, Siemens Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, Power Plant Management Services, PPG Industries, Areva, Parsons, Duracell, Celgard, FMC, Lithium, SPX Corp, Electric Power Research Institute, IMO Pump, GE Security, Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corp, Fluor, EnergyUnited, Liburdi Dimetrics, Boston Gear, Cogentrix, Metso Power, Rutherford Electric, Saertex, and Zapata.

Since 2009, the New Energy Capital Initiative, spearheaded by the Charlotte Regional Partnership and the Charlotte Chamber, has held Energy Summits that target five directions:  1) economic development, 2) work force development, 3) public policy, 4) technology development and 5) communications.

Charlotte, USA, is well positioned because of its world class airport, inexpensive corporate taxes, infrastructure, inexpensive manufacturing, ample trained employees, fact that there are more nuclear engineers than any other part of the country, and a central location for over 25% of the US population.

We understand energy industry leaders.  Since 2009 we have worked with 400+ energy industry leaders.

In 2012 we created and provided the 2012 Energy Leadership Project.  Click here for details.

The 2013 Energy Leadership Project will culminate in a “Trends in Talent” Focus Group discussion on Friday, May 31, 2013.  Click here for details.

Back to the question in the title:  Is Charlotte, NC the “New Energy Capital?”

NC struggles with massive unemployment, currently the 7th highest in the U.S.  There are few public-private partnerships, the promise of fulltime jobs with great benefits exists, and there are some new programs with local colleges to provide job-specific competency training.

However, most economists state that Charlotte is not doing enough.

What do you think?


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