Key Characteristics of Successful Energy Industry Leaders

In March, 2012, we developed and delivered the 2012 Energy Leadership Project so that we could explore the traits of successful energy industry leaders.  Those results are available on this site, and upon request.  As you may expect, if working in an innovative renewable energy consultancy you will need different skills than if you are working in a highly regulated environment such as new nuclear construction.

Today I spoke with a senior energy industry leader with expertise at several US new nuclear construction sites, several operating sites, and at sites in China.  He has worked at two leading F500 companies in this field.  he provided some answers for the key characteristics of those working in the new nuclear construction field:

What do you think are those key characteristics?

He says two characteristics stand above all others:

1.  Direct experience in an operating nuclear plant.  That way people see how the regulatory, compliant, slower culture actually works.  There are some 42 operating plants int he US, so there is ample opportunity for aspiring nuclear energy leaders to gain that experience.

2.  A calculating, compliant, methodical, rigorous personality.  There is no room for invention, competition, or cutting corners.

That second characteristic makes me think about the need for assessment inventories that predict the likelihood of success for anyone interested in working in the new nuclear energy industry.

We have the assessment inventories, and the expertise to determine who will be successful in your senior leadership teams…  Give us a call NOW.

And please comment:  do you think the senior leader mentioned above is accurate?