Mitsubishi Nuclear and energy industry leaders

As many energy industry leaders know, there are international competitors and domestic competitors who are exploring the new nuclear construction field.

For instance, at Mitubishi Nuclear there is a need for a new culture.  The dominant culture is Japanese, and many of the senior leaders are from Japan.  In the US market, there is an immediate need for senior leaders at Mitsubishi to embrace the Western culture of new nuclear construction.  Consequently, senior leaders at Arlington, VA and Charlotte, NC are providing training on the requirements of a safety culture.  The “rotational culture” requires that the “best and brightest” senior leaders, from any location, spend time in the US learning from the best.

Those facts raise some coaching/consulting questions:

1.  How many westerners are travelling to China to learn from the construction successes there?

2.  What are the key characteristics of successful energy industry leaders?

3.  How are we creating a new nuclear construction community of excellence?  (And does it include the best and the brightest from the US, at INPO, the NRC, NEI, our 42 active nuclear sites, our 2+ new nuclear sites?)

What are your thoughts?