Motivational Video Clip- “Remember the Titans” and one project site

Perhaps you recall seeing the movie “Remember the Titans, starring Denzel Washington (2000)

One short clip is at

You may recall that this is a movie about football, segregation, and race in Northern Virginia.  But there are tremendous lessons for any one interested in building a team that supports a bigger vision.

In this short video clip from the Gettysburg battlefield, the team struggles through an early morning run.  Then, amid the Civil War memorials and morning mist, the Coach states… “If we don’t come together on this hallowed ground… we too will be destroyed.”

Imagine having a discussion with a new client, or business colleague, or potential partner about those stakes.

What could you possibly accomplish?

Could you build the Hoover Dam, Brooklyn Bridge, NASA Space Program?

Could you develop better relationships with your counterparts at a new nuclear project site?

What could you possibly accomplish?