March 9
Primal Quest 2006, Utah, Team, podium finish

For 10+ years I led wilderness expeditions and teaching groups and providing individual leadership coaching for Outward Bound Schools in 3 countries. Each expedition was a microcosm of values and behavior. The…

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February 24
Wondering If You Are a Good Fit For Your Organization?

     Recently 4 people have asked me that question. There may be something in the air, like ignorance or fear. Here is a quick model for you to determine…

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February 19
Do you learn more from success or failure?

     Think of a recent example of success in your experience, and an example of failure in your experiences. Then consider the following formulas:   Learning from success  …

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January 19
Systems Thinking. What is it? And How Can It Help Your Business?

Systems Thinking is a process that describes complexity and builds learning organizations. The five disciplines of learning organizations are: 1) Personal mastery 2) Mental model 3) Building a shared vision…

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December 19
Why managers should manage, and coaches should coach

In a recent article published by Forbes, Verne Harnish sloppily predicts that in 2016 the term “manager” should be discarded.  All companies should replace the role of manager with the…

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December 8
If you care about physician/ nurse burnout, join this webinar on 12.18.15 at 10:00 CST

The holiday season is stressful for healthcare providers.  They need a hug.  They need some tactics. Resilience can be taught, developed, and fostered at an individual and organizational level. In…

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November 13
Why organizational leadership theories fail…

Three managers walked into a bar last Friday during happy hour…   The first manager, Mr. PhD, said, “organizational change requires clear definitions of terms and adoption of a theoretical…

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November 12
Improving Healthcare Begins with Taking Care of Our Doctors & Nurses

“How are you feeling, doc?”   “What do you need, nurse?”   I think that Healthcare Innovation starts when we ask questions like these. We need to take care of…

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October 31
Action Learning Associates and Partners

  We provide solutions for any-sized organization, virtually anywhere. Our coaching, assessment, professional and community partners include:           So call us today at 704.995.6647. Or schedule…

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October 21
Webinar content: How to address physician burnout

Recently I was asked to deliver a webinar on physician burnout.  You may know that burnout is higher among physicians than for any other service professionals.  The effect on nurses,…

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