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My articles published in Professional Safety in 2013

The Value of Being a Safety Coach, Most of the Time, Doug Gray, Professional Safety, August, 2013.  ASSE0813.ValueSafetyCoaching

How to Coach Safety Coaches; 7 Proven Tips, Doug Gray, Professional Safety, Feb 2013.  Coach safety coaches Feb 2013 p.1.rtfd Coach safety coaches Feb 2013 p.2.rtfd

What Site Managers Want from Safety Leaders, 5 Tips for Improving Competence and Solutions, Doug Gray, Professional Safety, May 2013.  May2013p1 WhatSite ManagersWant May2013p2 SiteManagersWant

Managing Subcontractors, 5 Proven Tactics, Doug Gray, Professional Safety, June 2013.  ASSE- June 2013- Managing Subs- p1.rtfd ASSE- June 2013- Managing Subs- p2.rtfd

Book Review:  Switch; How to Change Things When Change is Hard, Doug Gray, Professional Safety, December 2012.  Dec2012articlep1 Dec2012articlep2