Executive Presence (Direct Workshop)

Executive Presence (Direct Workshop)




Executive Presence; The What, Why and How.

Executive presence is defined as the difference between your identity and reputation.  How you manage your reputation is more predictive of future performance than self-ratings or manager evaluations.

Learning objectives:

  1. Determine the 8 factors in executive presence
  2. Practice developing your identity and reputation
  3. Identify your objectives and key results in the next 30 days


Price $3,000 3-4 hour direct workshop + direct expenses for one of our associates to deliver.

Price $5,000 / day direct workshop + direct expenses for one of our associates to deliver.

Price $10,000 / day direct workshop + direct expenses for Doug Gray to deliver.

Typically, direct workshops require customization for your organization.  That customization requires pre-event assessments, quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews of stakeholders, defining required and recommended outcome measures, intellectual property in digital or paper format, highly engaging delivery, impact assessments at critical milestones for ROI, plus opportunities for you to train your trainers or managers.

The intellectual property content on executive presence is most effective when a videographer provides  video recordings for all participants.  Those fees vary by location.

All workshop content is available for licensing.  Volume discounts apply.  All workshop topics can be provided in virtual or direct leadership development programs.

All content is developed by Doug Gray, PCC, and is the sole intellectual property of Action Learning Associates, LLC.


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