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All business leaders require external audits and recommendations.

How do you measure your talent?

For most of our clients, larger or smaller, 40-70% of their operating costs are talent analytics. Your people determine your likelihood of success. Add up your salaries, benefits, and compensation… Those people are critical to your business. And your talent investment is 100% variable. You need us to provide an external audit for:


  • Your recent and current organizational structure
  • The ROI of your direct employees and subcontractors
  • Your strategic needs including growth, risk, profitability, philanthropy, legacy
  • Attracting, developing, and retaining great people
  • Succession planning
  • Leadership development

What is an ISO Standard?

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) develops and publishes standards in industries such as healthcare, technology, food safety, and agriculture. Besides facilitating international trade, the existing 22,500 ISO standards ensure that products, services, and systems work safely and effectively.

A Case Study

In 2018 many business leaders learned for the first time about the new ISO requirement for Human Capital reporting audits. They require external audits from experts like us every 5 years. Family-owned business leaders are not required to conduct these audits unless they want to remain competitive. We are in a global talent demand economy. You may need us today. ISO 30414 provides meaningful and consistent data to boards and investors regarding human capital. It covers core HR areas such as:

  • compliance and ethics
  • costs
  • diversity
  • leadership
  • organizational culture
  • organizational health
  • productivity
  • recruitment, mobility and turnover
  • skills and capabilities
  • succession planning
  • workforce availability

ISO 30414 Human Capital Compliance assessment, recommendations and consulting services are an example of our unique expertise.

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