How Business Owners and Consultants Connect

Family Business Collaboration (FBC)

family business collab

Family Businesses Face Unique Challenges

Service providers for family-owned businesses must be uniquely prepared to serve these organizations by learning as much as possible. Family business owners, as well as advisors and consultants, require expert case studies and content and are best served to stay apprised of new issues that may come up. The Family Business Collaboration (FBC) offers business owners and advisors to connect for direction on how to improve businesses and solve problems related to communication, planning, and finances.

Surround Yourself with Like-minded Businesses

This community is designed for family business owners and advisors to sharpen one another’s skills, demonstrate value and market your services.

Members will:

  1. Learn best practices from advisors in wealth, law, business processes, and behavioral psychology
  2. Network with select advisors in the FBC network
  3. Join monthly group coaching webinars
  4. Create teams of trusted peers who can serve your clients
  5. Market your expertise to FBC members


Connect to Better Serve Your Clients