Strengthen Your Family, Strengthen Your Business

Family Business Facts:

Do you know that Family Businesses…

  • Represent the majority of the world’s wealth, in every country and sector?
  • Make up roughly 90% of American businesses?
  • Are responsible for over 50% of job creation and over 60% of America’s GDP?
  • Have a total economic impact of global GDP of over 70%?
  • Outperformed non-family-owned companies in every country and sector?

We are experiencing the largest generational wealth transfer in human history today:  $16T in the next 10 years, $68T in the next 25 years from boomers to millennials.

Most family business leaders struggle with:

Succession Planning

Who will lead next?


How do we include innovation and change?


How do we make decisions?


How do we exchange ideas and information without fighting?

We can help.

For Next Generation Leadership Development Assessment solutions, visit  Doug Gray, PhD, and Kent Rhodes, EdD, are the co-founders of this new multi-rater assessment platform designed to support your leadership continuity plans.

In response to requests from our valued clients, we are thrilled to announce our Next Gen Peer Groups – an exclusive and transformative professional development experience designed specifically for emerging leaders within family-owned businesses. These peer groups provide a unique and confidential platform where you can connect, collaborate, and share insights with like-minded peers. Learn more at

All business leaders need to make smart decisions. They require data-driven insights and expertise. Family business leaders drive over 65% of GDP and job growth- in EVERY corner of the world and EVERY sector. Sadly, many of those leaders are confused.

Younger family business leaders need to know HOW to avoid conflict and gain career clarity. Next Gen leaders in their 20s to 50s are well educated, digitally trusting, and impatient. They need this SUCCESS PLAYBOOK based on tactics that they can practice immediately.

Older family business leaders need to give up control and develop their multi-generational purpose or legacy. Family business owners and boards are cautious. Amid the largest wealth transfer in history– over $74 Trillion- they need reliable data on the capacity of their successors (both family and non-family) for decisions about continuity, succession, and strategic initiatives.

Both of those groups need this short Success Playbook! Everyone needs to flourish. They deserve to sleep well at night! Purchase the Playbook here.