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Data Analytics to Guide Your Next Steps

data analytics

Lost in the Data

Numbers can be frightening, but they are necessary to the health and success of your business. They allow you to make better decisions because you understand the true state of the business. 

Yet, too many business leaders get lost in the data. They fail to distinguish between quantitative and qualitative data. They get confused with the dashboards, scorecards, statistical data mining, segmentation, anecdotes… the noise.

Tell Your Story

Organizations that use predictive analytics gain competitive advantage over those that don’t. When you work with Action Learning Associates, we measure your data in two ways:

  • Descriptive analytics focus on what you know to be valid now (e.g., key performance indicators, OKRs, performance or sales data).
  • Predictive analytics looks for patterns in your data sets to recommend decision-making based on relationships (e.g., sales and operations, hiring quality and performance, employee engagement and retention).

One of our associates, John Mattox, PhD, is a globally recognized expert in data analytics. He says, “I dream in normal curves, trend lines, and predictive analytics. I’ve never met a data sheet that I didn’t like.”

Put Data to Work for Your Business