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Difficult Decisions

As a leader, you are faced with difficult decisions every day and the larger the organization gets, the more decisions there are to be made. Should you spend money during the challenging times or hold on to as much cash as you can? Do you focus on serving current customers or attracting new customers? Is it time to invest in financials or in relationships?

In order to run a successful organization, you need to be focused on the future – 6 weeks from now, 6 months from now, and 6 years from now. 

You Need a Guide

Imagine not having to face those difficult decisions alone. Organizational Leadership Consultant, Doug Gray, has worked with hundreds of leaders of small businesses, F500 companies, and nonprofit and government organizations. Leaders that have faced the same challenges you are facing in your own organization.

He will assess the 7 Key Growth Drivers of all successful businesses:

  1. You
  2. Strategic Team
  3. Employees
  4. Customers
  5. Investors & Creditors
  6. Cash
  7. Growth


Then, he’ll make recommendations for what steps you can take today, and over time, to steer your organization in the direction you want. Once those actions have been taken, he’ll reassess and provide you with the next steps.


  • DISC
  • TTI Success Insights
  • VIA Character Strengths & Virtues
  • EI
  • Hogan Personality Suite
  • CCL Assessment Suite

Jack Fleischer, President, Hermitage

“Doug is a very intuitive, responsive and directive individual who can help shape corporate management in a productive way. I would highly recommend him to help with personnel or organizational development and direction.”

– Jack Fleischer, President, Hermitage

Gerald Craig, Managing Partner, Carolina Planning Consultants, LLP

“Doug was able to provide actionable ideas that were tailored to the needs of me and my staff. Through the implementation of his ideas we were able to increase our results and deepen the relationships we have with our clients.”

– Gerald Craig, Managing Partner, Carolina Planning Consultants, LLP

Paul Solitario, Co-Founder, International ThermoDyne, Inc.

“Doug brings his compassionate action to his leadership and executive coaching practice. Having known Doug as a colleague for a number of years, I appreciate his innate ability to be a catalyst for positive change within individuals and within organizations.”

– Sonja Kassis Stetzler, Founder, Effective Connecting

Steer Your Business in the Right Direction