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Individual Coaching That Will Transform Your Future

Get Ahead in Your Career

Try as you might, your career and your life are not where you want them to be. You want to move forward, yet you’re not sure what steps to take next. Sometimes, you’re just too close to find the clarity and focus you need. Having an expert guide, someone who can see your blind spots and help you navigate your course, can make the journey easier and more fruitful. 

Reach Your Goals with Outcome-Based Coaching

All of our coaching utilizes the AD-FIT™ coaching protocols to give you real results.
We offer four levels of coaching to meet your needs. Each level includes the former.


Level 1 — Assessment

  1. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, hidden talents using the assessments
  2. Increase your self-awareness of critical behavioral or performance outcomes
  3. Identify the resources required for you to achieve those outcomes



Level 2 — Productivity

  1. Development of your action plan for success with milestones and resources
  2. Regular digital access to evidence-based practices that you can implement immediately
  3. Regular 1:1 coaching or consulting sessions using a digital platform (GoToMeeting or Zoom) that you can record for review and action
  4. Regular milestone reviews of your outcome-based progress
  5. Access to a digital library of evidence-based best practices designed for you to review, download, or share with your team of stakeholders



Level 3 — Success (our most popular outcome-based coaching program)

  1. Confidential, qualitative 360-interviews with 6-8 of your stakeholders (boss, colleagues, direct reports, clients)
  2. A detailed written report based on those qualitative 360-interviews that summarizes 1) your strengths, 2) your weaknesses, 3) your predicted future with recommendations for your success.  Most of our clients regard this feedback process as the most valuable feedback they have ever received in their professional lives.  They treasure it.  Then they integrate the recommendations.
  3. Observations or shadow-coaching in your work environment (Direct travel expenses billed separately.)
  4. Coaching or consulting with any of your direct reports or stakeholders.
  5. Milestone review sessions with any of your stakeholders.



Level 4 — Transformation (Ideal for newly promoted senior leaders, directors, VPs, GMs or c-suite leaders)

  1. Transformation of your performance or behavioral outcomes
  2. ROI over 100%.  Most of our clients report ROI attributed to coaching or consulting in excess of 200%.  Your ROI will be determined by your adherence to the AD-FIT™ coaching protocol process.
  3. Invitation to share your testimonial at any live or virtual events


Transform Your Future

Allen McIntosh, Corporate Account Manager, MBA Marketing Inc

“Doug has been coaching me now for several months. Over the course of our sessions he has helped me, even in areas that I did not think that I needed help. The right match is absolutely key to the success of a coaching experience. Doug is a very knowledgeable & supportive trainer. His people skills are what helps make Doug stand out, he develops a trust level with his student/client that carries the student to succeeding in the coaching experience. I highly recommend Doug Gray with Action Learning Associates to help with any corporation in development for their leadership team.”

– Allen McIntosh, Corporate Account Manager, MBA Marketing Inc

Jonathan Willcocks, Founder and Chief Visionary, Pinnacle Pursuits Inc.

“Doug was my executive coach for 3+ years and met him while we were both presenters at a conference. He is highly skilled as his work. With his background in both the public and private sector, as well as his first hand business experience, he was perfectly suited to my creative, Type A, philosophical and entrepreneurial personality! Not only did I see him as my coach, I experienced him as a mentor and consultant when I required those skills as well. Along with his depth of experience, Doug is also instinctive and brings a unique energy, idea-generation and approach to spontaneous needs and conversations that is inspiring, provocative, challenging and leaves you empowered to move forward in new ways. I highly recommend him!”

– Jonathan Willcocks, Founder and Chief Visionary, Pinnacle Pursuits Inc.

Heather Ferguson Mathews, Account Manager, Ferguson Design

“I had recently started a new career path upon gaining Doug as my business coach. I felt comfortable in sharing my ideas, and he always encouraged me to strive for more. Through his coaching, I learned valuable problem-solving skills in which I still use each day.”

– Heather Ferguson Mathews, Account Manager, Ferguson Design