True Leaders Have Executive Presence

Corporate Coaching That Turns Managers into Leaders

Leadership is a Practice

Just like physicians practice medicine and lawyers practice law, leaders must practice leadership. Leading an organization or a team can be a gratifying experience… when you’ve been given the tools to do so properly.

Of course, if you haven’t been trained or taught the necessary skills, every day will feel like an uphill battle. You’ll find it difficult to manage conflict, communicate with your team, or establish the reputation you desire. 

Outcome-based Coaching Helps You Reach Your Goals

Seasoned Executive Coach, Doug Gray will work with you to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Together, you will work on several key areas including:

  • Discovering how to manage conflict and deal with difficult people
  • Improving communication and having difficult conversations with ease
  • Executive Presence and lessening the gap between your identity and your reputation
  • How to best facilitate strategic planning and new initiatives

Doug will work with you to define a meaningful outcome for your team and then create milestones to measure your progress. Being a leader can be lonely… but it doesn’t have to be.

Stefani Benefield, Senior Vice President, Best Buy Health

“Doug is astute in the behavior dynamics and management styles of senior executive leadership. He is incredibly trustworthy and shares his wisdom freely. He has a knack for providing the right tool and approach to create a successful leadership culture and even more importantly assists individual leaders to rise to their potential.”

– Stefani Benefield, Senior Vice President, Best Buy Health

Jeff Shelton, CFO at U.S. National Whitewater Center

“Doug coached me for about a year. It was my first experience with a personal coach. Doug was/is very professional, competent, insightful. He has great personal integrity and is passionate about his work (and play). While our interaction was professional, I now consider Doug a personal friend.”

– Jeff Shelton, CFO at U.S. National Whitewater Center

Lenny Parrnelli, Chief Financial Officer, WCG Clintrax

“Doug is a great leadership coach who is able to take day to day manager/supervisor concerns and translate them into leadership learning opportunities. His ability to help me see the simple message in what seemed like a complex issue was of tremendous value in helping me grow as a leader. I recommend Doug to anyone needing an independent and calming view of management tactics in high pressure situations. And for years now I have relied on Doug’s communication wheel, a tool that every manager should have in their back pocket.”

– Lenny Parrnelli, Chief Financial Officer, WCG Clintrax

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