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Positive Psychology is defined as “the science and practice of living a more meaningful life.”   The goal of this short overview is to introduce the topic so that you can apply this content to (1) yourself, (2) your relationships with loved ones, and (3) your clients.   Our experience is that most people can apply positive psychology to develop well-being, resilience and flourishing.  Click the button to get started now.

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Via Character Strengths and Virtues
Peterson & Seligman, 2004
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“I have worked with Doug over the last 5 years, with 3 different companies.  He has helped me personally in my career development as well as organizational change strategy and initiatives within my organization. I highly recommend Doug Gray to any organization or executive wanting to effectively manage people challenges.”

Human Resources Director, Carolina Handling, Charlotte, NC
- Eric Kees -
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“In the past 8 months of coaching with Doug Gray, my productivity has increased about 40%.  I have been pushed to think about useful perspectives, different viewpoints, and other work systems that help make me more proactive.  He has been a great advocate!”

Founding Partner, Salar, Inc, Baltimore, MD
- Gabe Weiss -
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“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Doug on a number of occasions in leadership development and problem solving environments.  Doug is outstanding at bringing leadership philosophies and techniques to real world problems. Doug’s coaching style provides his clients the confidence to tackle the most challenging leadership issues and achieve immediate results.  I am grateful for his guidance and mentoring.”

Controller, Power at CB&I, Charlotte, NC
- Seth Rudolph -
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