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Improve Effectiveness to Improve Outcomes

You hired amazing employees, yet they aren’t quite achieving what you know they’re capable of. Chances are, it’s because they haven’t received the training they need.

From upper-level leaders to the front-line employees, your team needs to be trained to perform optimally in order to reach defined goals. Doug Gray uses 30+ years of experience in executive coaching, organizational leadership consulting, and Positive Psychology to give you and your team the tools necessary to be more productive, more efficient, and happier in their jobs.

Doug’s sought-after learning sessions have been delivered throughout the U.S. and Canada to businesses of every size. They:

  • Are fully customizable to meet your needs
  • Can be delivered in person or virtually
  • Range in length from half-day to several days depending on your desired outcomes


Most Requested Training Topics

OKR Leadership Training

Most Leaders Fake It… Because That’s Their Only Option
Oftentimes, people are promoted into leadership because of their technical skills and achievements in their previous role. Unfortunately, this doesn’t equate to leadership skills and few if any are ever properly trained to do the job at hand.

This lack of training leads to communication challenges, low productivity, and eventually your bottom line suffers.

OKR Leadership Training provides guaranteed results. Doug Gray will work with you to become a better leader and improve efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes for your business.

When you flourish, the people around you grow as well.

How to Manage Virtual Teams

The Current Global Pandemic is Changing the Way We Do Business.
Many organizations are operating remotely, requiring leaders to lead teams virtually. This workshop will teach you the seven tools of virtual leadership, including:

  1. Structuring Virtual Teams
  2. Performance, Processes and Procedures of Virtual Teams
  3. Leadership in Virtual Teams
  4. Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Teams
  5. Motivation in Virtual Teams
  6. Leadership Competencies in Virtual Teams
  7. Multicultural Communications in Virtual Teams

Gain the tools you need to become a confident virtual leader.

Executive Presence: The What, Why, and How

How Do Others See You?
Executive presence is defined as the difference between your identity and reputation.  How you manage your reputation is more predictive of your future performance than self-ratings or manager evaluations.

During this engaging training session, attendees will:

  1. Determine the 8 factors in executive presence
  2. Practice developing your identity and reputation
  3. Identify your objectives and key results in the next 30 days

When your reputation needs some work, it’s an opportunity to develop your blind spots.

Customized Leadership for High Potentials

Your Biggest Asset is Your Employees 
But not everyone will rise to the level you’re hoping for. Be strategic about your training budget by investing in those individuals who show the highest potential.  They need accelerated leadership training, access to expertise, and action learning sets.

We partner with your business and HR leaders to identify your High Potential associates and then, using the AD-FIT protocol, provide them with the training to accelerate their business outcomes.

Using Data Analytics to Manage Talent

How Are Your Employees Performing?
Employees are your biggest expense — typically 40-60% with compensation and benefits — and that expense is 100% manageable. Yet, most managers don’t measure productivity using the right people analytics.

During this training session, you will learn how to measure, monitor, and manage your talent to increase revenue and decrease waste. The results of our training are immediate.

How to Increase Employee Engagement

70% of Employees in the U.S. Report Feeling Disconnected in the Workplace
This low employee engagement score creates a workplace that discourages high performance, and has a negative impact on achieving your organizational goals.

This workshop incorporates concepts from Positive Psychology, attendees will:

  • Recognize key variables that influence employee engagement
  • Discover how to measure employee engagement
  • Identify how to increase individual employee engagement
  • Identify how to develop organizational employee engagement

Learn world-class techniques so your team can gain a competitive advantage.


Doug Gray, PhD, PCC is an Executive Coach, Organizational Leadership Consultant, and Business Speaker with over 30 years of experience helping people transform their lives and their businesses. Through his trademarked, evidence-based AD-FIT™ process, he’ll work with you to define and exceed your desired outcomes.

Gary Sorenson - Agronomic Sales Manager, SiteOne Landscape Supply, LLC

“I have had the opportunity to attend a seminar that Doug provided and facilitated. As a participant I found Doug’s communication skills great. Easy to listen to, engaging and more importantly,  passionate about his subject manner. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker or a business coach, I would highly recommend Doug.”

– Gary Sorenson – Agronomic Sales Manager, SiteOne Landscape Supply, LLC

James Dillon, Co-Founder, Emerging Step

“Doug Gray provides readers with a ‘moment of truth’ concerning how we can transform lofty objectives into down-to-earth results.”

– James Dillon, Co-Founder, Emerging Step

Justin Jude, Acting President, LKQ North America

“Introducing the OKR framework has not only allowed us to align our company goals throughout the organization, but it has also provided an easy mechanism to give visibility into how we drive operational accountability. That visibility now exists for both our employees and supervisors.

OKR Leadership has encouraged broader and more in-depth conversations about the right key results to drive individual or team objectives.”

– Justin Jude, Acting President, LKQ North America

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