Are You Making an Impact?

Assess Your Business with an Intelligence Case Study

The Dangers of Being Too Close

Working in your business can put you in touch with what’s happening on the ground, but it can also make it difficult to view projects, initiatives, and employees through an objective lens. You may have questions about your productivity or profitability. 

Increased Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Outcomes

You need external expertise so that you can assess and recommend potential business impacts of any initiative. Through Business Intelligence Case Studies, we help you properly evaluate your current employees and then recommend ways for you to increase profitability, efficiency, or effectiveness. 

Business impact case studies require two steps: 

  1. We assess your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and hidden talents
  2. We make recommendations based on your current measures. We can respond quickly to any-sized project in any location.

Here is an example of a Business Impact Case Study we conducted for a F500 company in 2019:

Situation: Study the potential business impact and Return On Investment (ROI) of a 4-hour OKR Leadership training program on a sample population of 25 leaders and managers.

Action: Short quantitative surveys pre- and post- training provided data on individual behavior and performance changes. Business impact over time was measured for 6-9 months using available sales data (e.g. EBITDA, gross revenue, gross margins, etc).

Result: The results were presented to the sample population, then in a keynote presentation to 750 senior leaders at a Leadership Summit. The bottom line was that those leaders who used the OKR Leadership approach to drive their business showed an increase in After Market Gross Margin as a Percent of Budget (1.6%) after training compared to the OKR detractors group which showed a decrease (1.9%). That difference of 3.5% from the YTD after-market sales of $875MM represents a potential $3MM business impact.

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