Here What Others Are Saying...

F500 leaders

“I have worked with Doug over the last 5 years, with 3 different companies.  He has helped me personally in my career development as well as organizational change strategy and initiatives within my organization. I highly recommend Doug Gray to any organization or executive wanting to effectively manage people challenges.”
Eric Kees

VP of HR, Husqvara, Carolina Handling

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Doug on a number of occasions in leadership development and problem solving environments.  Doug is outstanding at bringing leadership philosophies and techniques to real world problems. Doug’s coaching style provides his clients the confidence to tackle the most challenging leadership issues and achieve immediate results.  I am grateful for his guidance and mentoring.”
Seth Rudolph

Controller, CB&I

“Doug is astute in the behavior dynamics and management styles of senior executive leadership. He is incredibly trustworthy and shares his wisdom freely. He has a knack for providing the right tool and approach to create a successful leadership culture and even more importantly assists individual leaders to rise to their potential.”
Stefani Benefield

VP Innovation, Humana

“Doug is a great leadership coach who is able to take day to day manager/supervisor concerns and translate them into leadership learning opportunities. His ability to help me see the simple message in what seemed like a complex issue was of tremendous value in helping me grow as a leader. I recommend Doug to anyone needing an independent and calming view of management tactics in high pressure situations. And for years now I have relied on Doug’s communication wheel, a tool that every manager should have in their back pocket.”
Lenny Parrnelli

Financial Manager, CB&I

“Doug has been an outstanding source of advice, a great sounding board and an individual who I trust to help me make the right decisions personally and professionally.”
Todd Johnson

CEO, HealthLoop

Small Business Leaders

“Doug is a very intuitive, responsive and directive individual who can help shape corporate management in a productive way.  I would highly recommend him to help with personnel or organizational development and direction.  Doug has worked with several of our individual leaders, and with succession planning.”
Jack Fleischer

CEO, President, Hermitage Lighting

“As a result of our family business succession planning work with Doug Gray our family is communicating better than we ever have.  Our future is now clear.  He has been a true blessing for our 4th generation family leaders and our future business.”
Daniella Fleischer

Owner, Hermitage Lighting

“Doug and I worked together for 6 months to help grow my insurance agency. We achieved several measurable outcomes that I was pleased with, but one in particular stands out. My greatest professional challenge has always been to motivate my staff intrinsically, so that they buy into the idea of not just selling more, but achieving more and being more – not settling. To that end, Doug helped me create individualized incentive packages for each of my employees, each one being custom tailored to address that person’s unique drives and motivations. His coaching helped my agency grow beyond what I ever expected. Thanks Doug!”
Scott Johnston

Johnston & Associates Insurance

“Doug was my executive coach for 3+ years and met him while we were both presenters at a conference. He is highly skilled as his work. With his background in both the public and private sector, as well as his first hand business experience, he was perfectly suited to my creative, Type A, philosophical and entrepreneurial personality! Not only did I see him as my coach, I experienced him as a mentor and consultant when I required those skills as well. Along with his depth of experience, Doug is also instinctive and brings a unique energy, idea-generation and approach to spontaneous needs and conversations that is inspiring, provocative, challenging and leaves you empowered to move forward in new ways. I highly recommend him!”
Jonathan Wilcocks

CEO, Pinnacle Pursuits

“Doug was instrumental in guiding me to a long overdue career change.  Doug asked questions that helped make me think and shape the desired outcome. When my situation required me to make a change, Doug provided additional insights to his expertise and career coaching. While I was aware of Doug’s background, once I commissioned his services, Doug took the coaching to another level. Doug led me down a path to where I could have a greater impact on my goals, not what others may think is best for me. By holding me accountable and ensuring I was implementing new ways of making positive changes happen, I landed in a much better place than I was previously.”
Brian Ferry

Solution Advisor

”Doug was able to provide actionable ideas that were tailored to the needs of me and my staff. Through the implementation of his ideas we were able to increase our results and deepen the relationships we have have with our clients.”
Gerald Craig

CEO, Carolina Financial Planning

Nonprofit/ Government Leaders

“I look for highly engaging and relational people to lead learning discussions and facilitate events that add value and are top in their field. Doug Gray is just that type of professional. He cares about people and about what they are learning because it is important to him that they get the most current and application-filled content possible.  He has led several workshops for our leaders.”
Trish Holliday

EdD, Chief Learning Officer, Assistant Commissioner, State of Tennessee

“Doug spent a year improving the dynamics of our admin team. He stimulated us to think in creative ways about how to be more dynamic leaders. Doug was fun-loving and quick to inspire. His vision and positive coaching partnership was largely responsible for huge improvements in our organization. To this day, I continue to reflect on the challenges Doug helped us face and overcome. I continue to feel indebted to him for all of his energy, enthusiasm, and wisdom.”
Tom Booker

Dean, Cannon School

“Doug and I worked together in the planning and execution of an Adventure Race Series at the US National Whitewater Center. Doug is a world-class adventure racer who wanted to share his passion of the sport with others while raising money for the American Diabetes Association. Doug demonstrated a keen understanding of what it takes to get the best out of people and I saw it reflected in everyone involved with this race series. He has directly helped me become a more effective business leader and I would recommend Doug for a multitude of positions where he can demonstrate his expertise in motivating others to achieve their full potential.”
Troy Rutten

Marketing Director, US Whitewater Center

”Doug has served as a consultant, trainer and facilitator for the University of Maryland College Park campus since 1999. All of his programs and interventions have been a fabulous success, and his contributions have been tremendous. It is without hesitation that I recommend him for work on any similar projects.” 
Marvin Pyles

HR, University of Maryland