What I Learned Last Week From A Fortune 100 CEO

In my 20+ years of coaching leaders, I have learned more from them than I can fully describe. Here is a nugget that I learned last week. You may like it…

FACT: Great managers and leaders demonstrate outcome-based results. They measure actions. They can demonstrate the ROI of any initiative.

Successful coaches also demonstrate ROI, as explained in this 2-minute video rant that I recently created – ROI of your coaching service.

It doesn’t matter whether your client is a Fortune 100 CEO or a Small Business Owner. Everyone who buys my products and services has only one question in mind:

If I pay for your service, what will I get in return?

We pay for outcome-based results. Let’s say you are hiring a fitness trainer to lose some weight. You would ask:

  • How much weight will I lose in 3 months?
  • Does this person understand my personal situation?
  • Has this person helped other people lose weight?
  • Does this person have a tremendous reputation?

Some people spend more time assessing a personal trainer than a physician or a lawyer or a professional coach. Be smart.

Professional coaches need to demonstrate the ROI of your service. Your clients need to know the outcomes they can expect from your service.

If you don’t know how to show ROI, then you will lose clients and money.

And, I don’t want you to lose clients. So, I prepared a short exclusive video for you.

After watching this exclusive 2-minute video, you will:

  • Know how to quantify the ROI of your coaching.
  • Have a clear way to explain the ROI of your coaching to potential clients.
  • Start focusing on results which actually matter to your clients.

ROI of your coaching service

P.S. If you find it valuable, please forward this email to 2-3 friends of yours. We all need a little coaching at times.

Action leads to learning.  What are you waiting for?

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