Why Coaching can never be a commodity

I just got off a peer coaching call with a man I have never met.

Yet for 3 years we have held each other accountable to our dreams, goals, and visions.  He is my peer coach.

We agreed that coaching can never be a commodity because:

1.  Coaching is an interactive process.  We exchange all that is human.  We interrupt.  We rant.  We share evidence-based wisdom.  We guarantee results.

2.  Commodities have no emotions.  And people do.  You can buy consultative video coaching snippets.  You can buy self coaching units.  And you can buy junk food.  Those commodities are worthless.

One goal of coaching is to enable people to garner their emotional strength into constructive action.

We KNOW that emotions drive thoughts.  And thoughts drive actions.  We even know what portions of the brain, and what neuro-chemical triggers are involved.  So why would anyone even consider that coaching can be a commodity?

I am not threatened by the commoditization of coaching services.

However, I am disappointed by the distrust and fear that some people have that prevents them from asking for help.

Give me a call.  Let’s talk about what you are feeling and thinking and doing.