Increase Productivity and Employee Engagement

AD-FIT™ Coaching For Managers

The Real Cost of Employee Turnover

The costs of staff turnover are staggering. It’s estimated that every time you replace a salaried employee, it costs an average of 6-9 months’ salary to cover recruiting and training. And these are just the hard numbers. When you factor in the emotional upheaval it causes to the team… there’s got to be a better way. 

Avoid the Need to Fire and Hire

The real reason you are constantly looking for new talent is not that you’re hiring wrong. The problem is that you need to train and coach your talent better. But how? Very few managers have ever been taught how to coach their employees to improve their productivity. 

AD-FIT™ Coaching for Managers is an On-Demand virtual training that will show you how to apply to AD-FIT™ Protocol to all of your coaching relationships. You will learn:

  • How to assess your employee’s strengths and mindset
  • To define a meaningful outcome for your coaching

It’s time to retain the good employees.

Increase Employee Engagement