Book Review of “Leading with Questions” by Michael Marquardt

The subtitle is “How leaders find the right solutions by knowing what to ask.” (2005)

What would that success look like?

How can we create answers?

Open-ended questions like these are always useful when seeking solutions.  As learning organizations drive toward change, the quality of question-based approaches will define the success of that organization.

Some highlights (in my signed copy) include:

p. 80+ behaviors and mindsets of a judger vs a learner

p.134+ traditional leaders vs coaching leaders behavior and legacies

p. 176+ relevance of action learning

p. 181+ a groundrule for action learning teams

Michael Marquardt does a great job of incorporating examples from interviews, and provides ample lists of questions so that readers can apply this content to their worlds.

He provides a strategic framework, and two tactical models for those who want training.  The Global Institute for Action Learning and the Institute for Inquiring Leadership may be better for practitioners seeking tools.

Based on this book, I have developed a chart that moves from key/opening questions, to other questions, to notes, to action items.

How do you Lead with Questions in your world?