What are best practices in leadership consulting?

Organizational Consulting and Leadership Coaching


We understand the challenges that executive leaders face.  We are experts in individual and organizational behavioral change.  Since 1997, we have consulted with hundreds of leaders using the 3A process of (1) assessment, (2) constructive actions, (3) accountability. Our purpose is to help leaders flourish as they achieve business outcomes.


Theoretical models

  1. Positive psychology (PP) can be defined as the science and practice of well-being or flourishing.  Prior to 1998, over 70% of psychological research focused on mental illness.  Since 1998, a better balance has resulted from new scientific studies in mental health.
  2. Psychological capital (PsyCap) is a developmental state comprised of hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism. Our research confirms that PsyCap can be developed, and explains up to 71% of engagement scores and 65% of job satisfaction scores.


Value to you

  • Modeling evidence-based practices in behavior change
  • providing a confidential assessment of individuals and teams
  • adding a third party, objective, supportive perspective to your leadership team
  • increasing accountability of each leader’s personal and professional goals
  • improving specific skills related to each leader’s role, such as supervisory or managerial skills, interpersonal communication, executive presence, conflict resolution, productivity
  • sharing world-class techniques from superb organizations that have done similar work
  • reviewing strategic business decisions related to operations, customer service, marketing, management or financials
  • being a sounding board for communication issues
  • preventing problems, thereby avoiding more expensive, time consuming or embarrassing actions
  • supporting each leader’s growth past any limiting beliefs



Scope of services

Individual executive leadership coaching typically requires at least 6 months of engagement for over 40 hours.  All coaching service levels include an intake session, individual quantitative and qualitative assessments, 360 interviews, written behavioral action plans, milestone meetings with stakeholders, constructive actions, and accountability.  We have a network of executive coaches throughout the U.S.  All consulting and coaching services are guaranteed.



Expected outcomes

  • Develop leadership capacity in areas that are key to each leader’s success
  • Drive organizational performance through tactical execution, deliberate practice of desired behaviors, and focused strategic thinking
  • Leverage each leader’s strengths and mitigate risks, so that each leader can increase the probability of achieving key organizational outcomes
  • Increase retention of desired executive leaders
  • Our clients have experienced up to 1,200% return on investment, up to 60% increase in productivity, and up to 300% revenue growth. There are 100+ client testimonials at and on social media.  Your outcomes need to be defined.



Next steps

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The bottom line

Action leads to learning.

All leaders require executive coaching at times.

Your most critical investment is to retain your desired employees.


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