Do you need a coach?

Financial professionals, like most people, need a coach at times.  They are usually working by themselves, or in small teams.  Their success is a direct result of how often they call on clients and prospects.  The very best provide tremendous customer service.  And they all need to stay optimistic, upbeat, and focused on others.   This article in Investment Advisor magazine, November 2008, features Doug Gray, PCC, and mentions the value of business coaching.

Here is the back story:  Matt Keeling was a coaching client for 12 months.  During that time, Matt increased his personal business over 58%, and shifted his prospecting to focus on client referrals.  I highly recommend Keeling Financial Services in Cape Cod, MA   Matt became clear about his brand, and defined his tag line “Turning your money into wealth.”  This article references the value of business coaching, and cites the value of ethical practices defined by the International Coaching Federation at  When Kara Stapleton interviewed me I chose to add the attribution of another coaching company, Rich Campe International, because I was working for them full time.  I have subsequently returned to independent practice.

As you read this article coaching question may include:

  • How could professional coaching help my business?
  • What would be important qualities in my ideal business coach?
  • What could I invest (time, money, resources) in coaching?
  • How will I know that the results are worthwhile?