How Can Virtual Learning Help Your Team?

YES- You CAN Gain Competitive Advantages for Your Team or Business with our AD-FIT™ virtual learning
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If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.

But, it’s not that you don’t want to improve… you are just busy!

With thousands of tasks (not to mention people) vying for your attention, it’s difficult to step out of the daily grind to further your training, learn new skills, and become even better at what you do.

Our convenient virtual training may be your answer. Now you can have the power you need right at your fingertips. Decide which program fits your needs. Check out all our online courses
On-Demand Training is Convenient
Whether you need to manage people, reduce costs, make new sales, or change behaviors, we’ve got you covered.

Our trademarked AD-FIT™ coaching protocol has brought results for 20+ years. And with our self-directed courses, you have this powerful training at your fingertips and hour of the day. 

It’s time to move your organization forward. Let’s talk!
Improve Performance At Your Own Pace
Our courses are designed for managers and leaders who coach direct reports, external coaches, or consultants. Get the expert advice you need at your finger tips. 
AD-FIT™ Coaching for ManagersThis introductory course is designed for managers tasked with reducing waste or costs, or with increasing desired retention or employee engagement. Maximize the productivity of others by using the AD-FIT™ model. REGISTER FOR FREE
AD-FIT™ Certification Course: Level 1.

The costs of staff turnover are staggering. The real reason you are constantly looking for new talent is not that you’re hiring wrong.

The problem is that you need to train and coach your talent better. This course will teach you how. LEARN MORE
OKR Leadership Training CourseLearn how using OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Leadership can transform your organization by aligning everyone on a common outcome. Whether you run an F100 organization or a small business, it’s time to put OKR’s to work for you. REGISTER FOR FREE
Download your FREE Chapter of the book and unlock the”SECRET SAUCE”
If a team isn’t growing, it’s dying. You owe it to your team and your career to lead more effectively.

Unlock your team’s potential with the secret sauce that has driven success at Google, Intel, and most of Silicon Valley.

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What do other’s say about working with Doug?
“Doug is astute in the behavior dynamics and management styles of senior executive leadership. He is incredibly trustworthy and shares his wisdom freely. He has a knack for providing the right tool and approach to create a successful leadership culture and even more importantly assists individual leaders to rise to their potential.” Stefani Benefield, VP Innovation, Humana

“I have worked with Doug over the last 5 years, with 3 different companies. He has helped me personally in my career development as well as organizational change strategy and initiatives within my organization. I highly recommend Doug Gray to any organization or executive wanting to effectively manage people challenges.” Eric KeesVP of HR, Husqvara, Carolina Handling,
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