How to Create Happiness: Step 4 of 5

Happiness is elastic.

Thankfully.  We can stretch and become more happy.

We experience happiness at different times, and some people are more happy than others. We know the reward mechanisms of the brain are reinforced when we do certain activities. And when we reinforce those behaviors, we can be happier.  Some activities, such as mindfulness, are now being taught in MBA programs… so that people become more happy.

Here is step 4 of 5:

4.  Keep Learning.

Our brains are delightfully complex organs, designed to evolve.  We regenerate brain cells throughout our lives.  That process, called “Ontogeny,” requires stimulation.

We perceive the world (using our 5 senses.)   That stimulation is interpreted by the brain, based upon previous schemas/experience/data, then stored for some response.

When someone gives us a kiss (stimulation) we respond (with pheromes and increased blood flow.)   Then we call it something happy, like love.

Just so, we follow our curiosity to stimulate our brains in hundreds of ways.

We can keep learning by:

  • asking questions
  • using our non-dominant hand when cooking or writing
  • speaking a new language
  • visiting new places or people
  • researching a new recipe, or subject, or interest
  • intentionally trying new activities, in a new way
When we keep learning we stimulate the brain in new ways.  That process keeps us agile.  And leads to happiness.
Learning is, in fact, a lifelong process.
So, what would you like to learn today?  What are three subjects you want to explore this week?  Who are you curious about meeting, and why?