Improving Healthcare Begins with Taking Care of Our Doctors & Nurses

“How are you feeling, doc?

What do you need, nurse?

I think that Healthcare Innovation starts when we ask questions like these. We need to take care of those who are providing our care.

Frustration young female doctor sitting in her consulting room and looking at document.

Too often we get distracted by shiny technology, or efficient processes, when we need to stay focused on the quality of relationships between caring people. Here is a quick example.

Today I shared a panel with 3 brilliant people at an Interactive Case Study led by Mark Kenny (a client) and his team of professional actors at Hippo Solutions in Nashville, TN (see the link here). The theme was “Hospitality in Healthcare,” and this conference/ showcase occurred at Vanderbilt University. Imagine 3 scenes, 6 actors, 50+ in the audience, 2 skillful facilitators, seamless integration of the audience and the actors and the panelists, and you get a picture of how well this case study entertained and educated everyone.

My co-panelists included Paul Sternberg, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Patient Experience Officer, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Darren Hodgdon, National VP of Strategy and Innovation at United HealthCare, and Connie Schroyer, PhD, VP at the Hay Group, based in Arlington, VA. And me. The expert on physician burnout, resilience, positive psychology and executive coaching. We focused on the emotions below the surface of behavior, and concluded that the simplest way to improve the quality of hospitality in healthcare is to ask for feedback, listen well, then support constructive changes.

Years ago we had buttons stating “Hug a Nurse” and “Hug your Doctor.” What happened to those buttons?


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