How to Make Anabolic Choices

We all make choices, some 30,000 choices every waking hour.

How are you choosing to respond?

Consider the realities:  our world is a hostile place with unemployment, terrorists, the Iraq war, Afghanistan war, Iran/Israel conflict, earthquakes, volcanoes, oil spills, stock market crashes, lack of personal savings as 401Ks become 201Ks, obesity, heart disease, cancer, expensive health insurance, home mortgages turned upside down, the rising U.S. national debt… add your examples.  We are living in turbulent times.

So what do you do?

A friend recently said, “It is hard to know which way to shoot, when you do not know who the enemy is.”

A business partner stated that there are so many gimmicks that it is hard to trust who to work with, or what choices to invest in.  Consider this example, and ask,  would you choose to respond to an ad like this?

Discover The Secrets Behind Passionate Action that define
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There’s never been a quicker, easier, cutting edge, and never-ending formula for YOU
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Would you keep reading?  Would you invest?

Perhaps you feel like you’re the only person in the world who is struggling with uncertainty? Anxiety?  Fear?  Unemployment?  Poor health?  Loneliness?

Not likely.

In fact, 100% of the U.S. population struggles EVERY DAY with something.  Think about it.  You are NOT ALONE.

So, let’s start by defining the words “ANABOLIC” and “CATABOLIC”?

They are two opposite ways of thinking, feeling, and doing.  They are a choice.  And they describe the American workplace. Any work place. Any country.  Your family.  And mine.

ANABOLIC people create and attract success.

CATABOLIC people destroy energy and prevent success.

One way to remember the word ANABOLIC is by thinking of an athlete, who may take anabolic steroids to enhance performance.  That is why there is a yellow highlighter to enhance the word.

Another way to remember the word CATABOLIC is to think of a catatonic person, unable to move from a hospital bed.  That is why there is a grey highlighter.

Consider your work group for a moment.  Or consider your family.   What percentage of the people do you think are CATABOLIC?   20%?   40%?   60%?

Did you know that 85% of the population is CATABOLIC?  These people make choices because of fear or anger.  These people are prevented from living with success. (source: assessments and research led by Bruce Scheider, PhD at iPEC.)

So, what would you pay to become one of the 15% of the population that is ANABOLIC?

Think about it.  15% of all people.  So, if there are about 6.5 Billion people in the world, that means that over 975 million people are ANABOLIC.  That means as many people as 3x the United States.  Those 975 million people are choosing to be ANABOLIC.  And they are attracting success.  And they are not struggling as much.

Can you imagine the following:

  • Acting with Wisdom, Creating Your World, vs. Acting with Lethargy or Defiance?
  • Feeling Absolute Passion and Joy vs. Feeling anger or apathy?
  • Thinking Non-Judgmentally vs. Thinking as a Victim in Conflict?

Perhaps you are thinking, “Not possible.  Not for me.  I am a stick in the mud.  I am like Eyeore, always pessimistic.  You can’t change an old dog.”

I know that feeling.

In fact, we all have moments of struggle.  We all have sleepless nights.  Or poor health.  Or bad relationships.  Or frustrating moments.  And sometimes those struggles prevent us from living with success.

The most successful people ALWAYS rebound quicker than others. They CHOOSE to make SMART decisions and create success.  They choose to be ANABOLIC.


Never Sometimes Frequently Always
1. I blame others
2. I need approval
3. I lack faith in myself
4. I create opportunities
5. I am frightened
6. I feel joy

Notice your scores.  Questions 1, 2, 3, and 5 are CATABOLIC.  Questions 4 and 6 are ANABOLIC.

IF you have “Frequently” and “Always” for Questions 1, 2, 3 and 5, then you are choosing to be CATABOLIC.  You need to invest in coaching.

IF you have “Frequently” and “Always” for questions 4 and 6, then you are choosing to be ANABOLIC.  You need to share your anabolic choices by coaching others.

Coaches, by definition, are ANABOLIC.  We focus on the positive choices and help others create more intentional realities.  By analogy, coaching is like imagining your dream house.  Then moving inside it.

In the recorded history of mankind, there has never before been a time like ours.  We can access information quicker than ever.  We can change careers.  We can re-invent our selves.  Transformation is a political manifesto, an expectation in business, and a personal reality.  However, just decades ago “transformation” was not regarded seriously.

In 2008 I attended training classes in Chicago with iPEC, the Energy Leadership Institute.  I strongly endorse the work that Bruce Schneider, PhD, and Luke Iorio, president, are doing.  They have assessments, a concentric model, and hundreds of certified coaches.  For details, please check out  They taught me the words “ANABOLIC” and “CATABOLIC.”

Can you imagine making more ANABOLIC choices?

One reason people invest in professional coaching is to help them 1) imagine a better future and 2) move into that future house.

Call me at 704.995.6647 or Contact Us to schedule a complimentary meeting.  We would love to help you make more ANABOLIC choices.