My articles published in for financial advisors

FYI in 2007 I submitted the following articles to, a digital library designed to accelerate business development for financial advisors.

You can apply any of these articles to your business or service.

1.  10 Tips for Distinctive Client Service   Distinctive client service separates you from everyone else who talks about professionalism but doesn’t deliver on it. Take action with these 10 tips from a recognized, distinctive financial professional.

2.  4 Principles of Selling in the Trust Business  Selling defines success. Nothing else is more important in your business. So what is this notion of the trust business?

3.  How to Act With Courage   Excellence springs from courage, but not everyone chooses to be brave. These advisors share how and why they acted with courage, and how it benefited their business. Consider their insights into the nature of courage, and start using it to build your business, too.

4.  5 Keys to Solid Cold-Calling Performance   If your prospecting strategy requires you to consistently make outbound calls, you must pay attention to these five vital elements of a strong cold-calling practice.

5.  Customer Delight: 8 Tips for Creating It   This top producer creates more than customer satisfaction. He creates customer delight. You can too, with these eight tips.


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