Team Assessment. Quantitative Focus.


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By definition, a team is as any group of two or more people with a shared objective or scorecard. Teams are often described by their characteristics (e.g., virtual, direct, cross functional, ad-hoc, informal, and so on). For example, when golfing in a scramble tournament, your direct team of 4 players share the objective of beating all other teams in the competition. All 4 players hit the drive, then you take the best ball and play from there. All team members share the same objective: to hit the ball into the cup with fewer strokes than players on any other team. Each team member keeps the score using mutually agreed rules.

But teams only win when they share objectives and leverage individual talents.

And because that is such a rarity, most teams fail.

You may need to assess the strengths, weaknesses, hidden talents, goals and blind spots of your team. You need to measure what matters.

Team Assessment is $497.00 per person, with a team feedback analysis session.

All assessments include a feedback analysis session so that you can understand and apply the data. The feedback session may be recorded for future reference by each team member. These team assessments can be implemented immediately upon payment. Let’s get started now.


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