Physician burnout: definition and scope

What is physician burnout?

Let’s start by defining the problem.

The psychiatric definition of physician burnout is embedded somewhere in this word cloud. We do not mean to scare you, really.

Note that each of these words is a harsh description of a “depressive disorder that can paralyze you” or your colleagues.

physician burnout defined

One source estimates that at least 60% of the physicians in your practice group are experiencing burnout right now.  Look to the left.  The look to the right.

Dyrbe & Shanafelt have published several papers in JAMA and the Mayo Clinic proceedings, we recommend “Physician Burnout: a potential threat to healthcare reform (2011) and physician satisfaction and burnout at different career stages (2013)

Another source states that virtually 100% of physicians have experienced burnout at some point in their careers.  Look to your past.  Then look to your colleagues.

In subsequent slides we will share the statistics on prevalence by gender, specialty, practice group, and stages of your career.

The bottom line:  Burnout is high among professionals, and highest among physicians.  The costs are tragic.

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