What’s Next?

Option 1.  Americans are known throughout the world as a country of optimists.

We were founded as the “New World”, we foster Nobel Prizes and Patents and innovations that imply global leadership for centuries to come.

The defining question is “What’s next?”

  • Consider every political campaign… or product launch… or new business…
  • Consider any Apple product launch, and the fact that Steve Jobs spent 6 weeks (consider that time investment) preparing to announce “what’s next?”
  •  Consider media descriptions, such as the West Wing television series.  Fast action.  Continuous movement– walking between rooms or hallways.  Glib banter.  And after any dramatic moment, that long pause, and the president or chief of staff turns to the exhausted team and asks, “What’s next?”   Perhaps the defining question of that television series.
  • Consider sports.  I played ice hockey in college, so I recall the Wayne Gretsky quote, “I skate to where the puck will be…”  Pick your sport.

In business we focus on “What’s next?”  We make our daily to do lists.  And we choose markets.   And we make calls to those who need our products and services.  We wake each morning with that ancient optimistic faith that we can “Make it a great day.”

Or not.

Option 2.  Some people choose to hide or protect their interests.  They do not reach forward, or look up, to embrace what’s next.  They are fearful.

Wags often state that there are two kinds of people.  Those who think there are two kinds of people.  And those who disagree.

Lately I think there are only options to the “What’s next?” question.

Are you option 1, based on optimism, or option 2, based on fear?

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