Why Coaches Fail and How Coaches LIKE YOU Can Succeed

Let me tell you a story about David.

David really wanted to be an executive coach, and he recently earned a coaching certification. David needed to find his first real client. So, he reached out to a few people in his network. And luckily, he found a guy who was interested in paying David to be his “professional coach.”

Goldmine, right? David finally had a chance to put his knowledge into practice.

So their client sessions began… but within a month the client started to feel distant. The client began to wonder if the investment in time and money was a waste of time.
One day the client ended the coaching sessions and told David that his services were no longer needed.

Questions: What happened? What went wrong with David?
Answer: He forgot to focus on the customer’s need for outcomes.

What do all clients want?

They are looking for meaningful performance or behavioral outcomes.

And as a coach, manager or leader, you need to help your clients achieve these outcomes.

Based on my dissertation research of global executive coaches, here’s a list of the top 2 performance outcomes that their clients wanted, plus an example.

Can you help your clients achieve these outcomes?
I hope you said, “Yes”.

Because if you said “No” then you will fail as a coach/consultant.

Coaches and consultants fail for 2 major reasons:

  1. They lose focus.
  2. Or, they lack competence.

For the details and cool videos visit I recently developed that content to help more coaches succeed.

I want you to succeed as a professional coach. Or manager. Or leader.

How can you do that? Focus on the outcomes. Because that’s the only thing which matters to your clients.

When you help someone achieve an outcome, they see your coaching practice as an investment. They will be happy to recommend you to other clients because your service “worked”. And that’s what we all want for our business – new leads and happy clients.

Action leads to learning.  What are you waiting for?

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