Fee Ranges for Coaching Services

There is chaos in the coaching and consulting industry.

Consider these facts:

  • The coach training industry is estimated at 53,500 global coach practitioners and over $2B in annual revenue, with 115 accredited coach training programs (ICF, 2016).
  • Annual revenue from management consulting in the U.S. was over $58B in 2016.
  • The top problems for the “profession of coaching” are (a) untrained individuals and (b) marketplace confusion (ICF, 2016).  That’s why we created so many content videos on YouTube, and the online courses described here.
  • The top needs for the “profession of coaching” are (a) increased awareness of the benefits of coaching, and (b) credible data on Return On Investment/Return On Expectations/outcomes (ICF, 2016).   That’s why we conducted our global research on outcome-based coaching and share the results here.
  • Many professional consultants or coaches do not adhere to evidence-based protocols (Foster & Auerbach, 2015; MacKie, 2014).  That’s why our clients asked us to trademark the AD-FIT™ coaching protocol process and provide the certification program here.
  • Anyone with a business card may self-declare that they are a “professional coach”  or “consultant.”  That’s why buyers need to be cautious.

FACT:  The consulting market is crowded, buyers are confused, coaches are underpaid, and practitioners often act unethically.

OUR SOLUTION:  Outcome-based coaching and consulting.    When you visit a physician or accountant you pay a fee and expect an outcome.  Other professions, like medicine and finance, have adopted protocols based on evidence-based practices.  Our research confirms that outcome-based coaching and consulting based on the AD-FIT coaching protocol works.  Our clients demand solutions, not hype.  Since 1997, we have developed the AD-FIT™ coaching protocols with all of our team and individual clients.  In 2017, we trademarked the AD-FIT™ coaching protocols because our clients asked, “What works best?”

We provide outcome-based individual coaching and consulting on 4 levels.

Level 1 –  Assessment – $597 USD.  See all details here.

Level 2 – Productivity – $2,997 USD.  See all details here.

Level 3 –  Success – $5,997 USD.  See all details here.

Level 4- Transformation – $11,997 USD.  See all details here.

The result?  We guarantee your outcome-based success.


We know that the chaos in the coaching and consulting industry can be reduced.

Sometimes we are asked, “What are price ranges and “common” best practices?”

Here is the answer.

Individual Coaching Services.  The coaching “profession” is maturing slowly.  Fees range from $6,000 –  $50,000 for 6 months and are usually measured transactionally, by the number of hours invested.   The average investment for organizational leaders in executive coaching  is $25,000 for 6 months and about 40 hours.  The average investment for small business leaders in executive coaching is $6,000 for 6 months and about 20 hours.

We provide outcome-based coaching solutions that guarantee your results.  All of our engagements adopt the AD-FIT™ coaching protocols because our clients asked us to do so.  We know what works.  All of our engagements include validated assessments, stakeholder interviews, written reports, milestone reviews, coach satisfaction and mini surveys. Yes, we can provide individual coaching solutions in virtually any sector, in any geography, with our associates and partners.    For details contact us today.


Team Coaching Services.  Fees range from $1,000 per person to $4,000 per person for 6 months.  All of our engagements incorporate the AD-FIT™ coaching protocols.   The first 2-3 sessions include team and individual assessments, and defining your outcomes.  Those leader outcomes may be performance-based or behavior-based outcomes.  We know what works based on our global research.  The following sessions include content designed to help you achieve your unique business outcomes.   Contact us for details today.

Be careful.  There is a trend toward providing “coaching solutions” that bundle clients together by team (e.g., the IT department in Houston) or by group (e.g., all district managers or all newly promoted supervisors.)  Many coaches bundle these services for one reason– because the coaches then make more money.  However, that is not a compelling reason to bundle valuable services into a commoditized market such as “online team-coaching modules” or “Siri for business.”  Off the shelf packages provide scale but rarely work.


Organizational Coaching Services.  Fees range from $15,000 – $50,000 per person for 6 months.  There is massive value to any organization if they can be guaranteed access to pre-qualified coaches in New York as well as Mexico City and Paris, for instance.  These service providers can provide breadth for any initiative in any geography, thereby increasing the likelihood of alignment and implementation.  Some are disreputable.  Most are very good networks.  If interested in scale for a specific industry or business need, then you need to select an organizational coaching service provider.  We have managed organizational coaching engagements since 2005.  One of our partners is the largest global providers of executive coaching, CoachSource, with 1,200+ coaches in 55+ countries.  We can provide solutions anywhere,    Contact us for referrals.


Organizational Assessment Services.  Fees range from $500 – $28,000 per person.  Assessments range from an individual validated tool such as the Hogan or DISC (there are now over 15,000 validated assessments) to multi-rater, multi modal assessments with high predictive validity.  We can provide both.   And we can provide virtually any individual or organizational assessment.    Contact us for details or referrals.


Since 1997, we have seen tremendous changes in the business and leadership coaching services industry.

As a timely example, minutes ago I received a cold call from a “leader” in the sales coaching software industry.  I quickly learned that he knew less about the industry than he should, and I excused myself from the call.

If you are interested in seeing coaching industry trend survey reports please contact us.


Now you have some pricing numbers and best practices.  So what is your next step?

  1.  You have to vet coaches and consultants.  Call 3-4 of the best.  Read their testimonials.  Make sure that they are working on their own professional development.  I have hired sales coaches at times.  And business coaches at other times.  The terms were clean.  Their value was tremendous.  All of our Action Learning Associates are actively engaged in their own professional development.   Make sure that your coach focuses on value, and guarantees their work.

2. Then call us.  Schedule your complimentary session here.  Call us at 615.603.3638  Contact us here.    


What are you waiting for?  

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