AD-FIT™ Certification Level 1 for Internals (Managers, Leaders, Trainers). Content Focus.


This course was designed for any internal or external consultant, coach, leader, manager, or self-directed learner who wants to provide outcome-based solutions for your clients.

This course was designed for any internal consultant, coach, leader, manager, or self-directed learner who wants to provide outcome-based solutions for your clients.

This course provides the intellectual property and digital content for your library.

FACT: You can be a more effective manager and serve more clients using the AD-FIT model.

The coach training industry is estimated at 53,500 global coach practitioners and over $2B in annual revenue, with 115 accredited coach training programs (ICF, 2016).

Annual revenue from management consulting in the U.S. was over $58B in 2016.

However, anyone with a business card may self-declare that they are a “professional coach” or “consultant.” Ask yourself:

  1. How are you maximizing the productivity of others? (The definition of a manager.)
  2. How many clients are you serving? (One measure of an effective leader.)

FACT: The market is crowded, buyers are confused, managers are underpaid, and practitioners often act unethically.

Managers and internal coaches fail when they lose focus or lack competence.

The purpose of this AD-FIT certification course is to help you become a more successful manager or internal coach or consultant.

The problem: Internal coaching lacks rigorous measurement, evidence-based protocols and standard processes.

The result is chaos in the marketplace.

The solution: Take this certification course.

I want to add professionalism to the consulting industry. This mini course reflects my life work. My PhD dissertation research explored how global professional coaches provide value to leaders. Since 1997, for the past 21 years, I have worked with thousands of leaders in countless business sectors as CEO of my company. I have managed hundreds of coaches and consultants, interviewed hundreds of coaches and consultants, served as a “VP of Consulting” twice, served as the director of a non-profit that grew 800%, presented at international conferences, published books and articles.

I’ve learned from the best sources: clients with problems who need solutions.

There is only one solution: outcome-based coaching.

This course explains how you can avoid failure and be more successful.

Specifically, this course has three outcomes:

  1. introduces the emerging “profession” of coaching,
  2. explains why most internal coaches and managers fail, and
  3. explains how outcome-based protocols define success for managers and internal coaches.

To be clear…

This course is NOT for everyone. Ignorance is a choice. I choose to be ignorant of things that do not interest me, such as opera or boxing…

You can certainly choose to be ignorant about managing or internal coaching or consulting.

This course is designed for:

  • Internal coaches
  • Managers and leaders required to “coach direct reports”
  • High potential leaders
  • Newly-promoted managers
  • Self-directed learners

So, what are you waiting for?

Action leads to learning.

Let’s get started now.

Welcome to our community of outcome-based coaches and consultants.

All workshop content is available for licensing. Volume discounts apply. All workshop topics can be included in virtual or direct leadership development programs.

All content is developed by Doug Gray, PhD, PCC, and is the sole intellectual property of Action Learning Associates, LLC.


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