May 13
Book Review on “The Dan Sullivan Question” (2009)

I’ll give the book 5 stars for the model, and 3 stars on the writing quality.  This review will focus on the model behind “The Question.” The subtitle explains its…

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May 12
Partnering with Executive Development Consulting to provide Predictive Talent Assessments

Throughout my career I have always done one thing:  leadership development. And my career has catapulted at many times… Specifically, whenever  I partner with smart people doing great work. In…

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May 12
Vote for success secrets here…

Imagine a mega-lottery where they winner gains a lifetime of wealth… All you have to do is rank the following in the correct order. Question:  what are the most important…

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May 11
Doug Gray, the Passionate Action guy

Fact:  We all aspire to be a superhero Fact:  I have written a book with a purple cover called “Passionate Actiuon: 5 Steps to Creating Success in Life and Work”…

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May 10
Are you a GOMO?

GOMO stands for Going Through the Motions. Some 70% of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Some 50% of marriages end in divorce. Some 20% of people make a living…

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May 9
What’s Next?

Option 1.  Americans are known throughout the world as a country of optimists. We were founded as the “New World”, we foster Nobel Prizes and Patents and innovations that imply…

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May 8
My business failures include…

… the following list.  I urge you to develop a similar list for yourself. Since 1997 I have been trying, and regularly failing on occasion. 1.  Just in Time Coaching,…

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May 7
High pay vs. Low pay marketing

Since 1997, I have been delivering value to clients.  That fact means that I market and sell my services every day.  In everything I do and say… Years ago I…

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May 6
Success Tips from John Maxwell

You may know that John Maxwell has written several best sellers, including “Developing the Leader Within You” and “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”  At one time he managed two…

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April 28
2012 Energy Leadership Project results: Top challenges in the next 12 months

In February, 2012, we surveyed 24 energy industry leaders in the Charlotte, NC region. Here are their responses to the question:  What are the most significant challenges facing your company…

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