Invitation to join the OKR Leadership Project


TO:  Objectives and Key Results (OKR) practitioners/ leaders/ managers

FR:  Doug Gray, PhD, PCC

Goal of the OKR leadership project:

Invite practitioners/ leaders/ managers in any-sized organization to share digital stories of HOW you are applying OKRs individually and organizationally.



  1. Leaders practice leadership.  We can all be better leaders.
  2. We can leverage technology and our organizations.  We can use technology to share stories of how OKR leadership can transform individuals and teams.
  3. OKR Leadership matters.  When we model relationships that matter, then we increase awareness and learning for other individuals and teams.


After consulting hundreds of leaders and managers about OKR leadership one theme stands clear.  Marketing the value of using OKRs is NOT well defined.  Market confusion abounds.  This OKR Leadership Project is one initiative to help anyone at any level describe HOW you are applying OKRs individually and organizationally in our global marketplace.  Join us?


(a) share this invitation broadly with other OKR practitioners,  (b) schedule a 30-minute session with Doug Gray here or at   (c) receive the calendar confirmation link and reserve that time in your calendar, (d) prepare your responses to the 5-6 questions below, (e) download software and learn how to use Zoom software on YouTube, if needed,  (f) at our scheduled time, Doug will record 5-10 minutes of our video session using the link at  (g) Doug will send your MP4 recording to you for your distribution, (h) Doug may post our recording on with this invitation to be included in the OKR leadership project.


Possible questions:

  1. Self-introduction: Who are you, what do you do, where are you located, do you have a website or invitation to share with others?
  2. Definition:  OKR leadership can be defined as a management methodology that helps people focus activity on the same important issues throughout an organization.  Some people focus on internal teams (small or large, formal or informal), some people are external practitioners, and some people focus on self-development.  How do you typically define OKR leadership?
  3. Interests:  What attracts you to the science or practice of OKR leadership?
  4. Clients: Who do you typically serve in your OKR leadership work?   Please share 2-3 of your examples/ case studies/ successful experiences applying objectives and key results.
  5. Trends: What trends or market opportunities do you see in the future for OKR leadership, technology or management consulting?
  6. Referrals: Who else can you refer who (a) is applying OKR leadership with others and (b) may be willing to be included in this OKR leadership project?

How can you help?  Share this invitation broadly.  

Thank you in advance for your participation.

FYI, here is a 3-minute excerpt from a keynote presentation that I gave in March, 2019 to over 700m business leaders in Denver, CO.

Here’s to you, at your best…