Choose Happy Pursuits

Thomas Jefferson described “The Pursuit of Happiness” as an eternal truth.  He wrote amid revolutions in France and the unformed United States.

Recent research in neurobiology demonstrates that HOW we choose to live enervates different parts of the brain.  Yet so many people are fascinated by WHAT we do.   Hmmm.  Maybe we need to stay focused on choosing happy pursuits.

What would happen if you chose to spend TODAY focused on one activity- choosing happy pursuits- only?

Goal Setting in 30 seconds

Bryan Tracy is famous for the “30-Second Goal Setting Test.”  Here you go:

1.  Think about your goals.

2.  Write them down in the next 30 seconds.

[pause and write…]

Virtually everyone would lump their goals into 3 categories:  1.  relationship goals  (family, work…), 2.  financial goals (money, career…) and 3.  health goals (diet, exercise…)

So, why do you think you are so different?

Possible takeaway:  Write your goals.  Work with a coach or accountability partner daily.  Re-write your top 10 goals on a new sheet of paper every day for 30 days.  Then go back and study whatever you wrote.


Great Book: The Happiness Project

Hello fellow book lovers…
Perhaps you have read or know The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  If not, I heartily recommend it for a book discussion group.  Or as a gift for loved ones.
Great combination of self-disclosure, research, wit, personal development.
I bought this impulsively for a loved one  for Christmas, and of course she has not yet touched it.   I’ve inhaled it.   So I thought you might appreciate it…