Values and Behavior-Based Coaching 101

One of my clients asked how to summarize the events of a new board meeting. He was an observer, there were 6 active board members, and his company invested in the board so that he could represent their business interests. He asked, “How do I track each leader?”

We discussed the template below.

Often when I meet a new coaching client I use this template to help them identify those they work with, and the behaviors required for their success. Some people can assess others quickly. Others require a structure to list what to say/do. No one ever wants to “stick their foot in their mouth.”

You can adopt this template to coaching your team, when taking notes, or when practicing leadership. Try it.

I’ve used it for decades with hundreds of leaders.

Here is the gist:

The result is a dated snapshot of my summary, that validates the other people’s values, reminds me of what to say/do, and indicates possible next steps.

  1. List the team/ board members in rows so that you keep them organized.  Add any other key team members/ board observers.  Add contact info/ affiliations. List no more than 5-7 leaders so that you can stay focused on them.
  2. Column 1 is “Values”.  Ask yourself what each person values, list 4-6 values based on what they say/do. If you need a list of values go to, or take the PIAV (Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values) assessment with me.
  3. Column 2 is “What should I say/do”.  If someone values their ego/ own voice, then you can publicly validate them when you agree. If they want to be addressed formally, then be sure to do so consistently.
  4. Column 3 is “What should I NOT say/do.” If someone requires time to verbally process new ideas, then please do NOT interrupt them. If they are conflict avoidant, then do not confront them publicly for non-critical issues…
  5. Column 4 is “Next steps.”  I use this column to note people/ articles/ resources that the leader may appreciate.  These notes provide a simple structure for me to follow up, if useful.

I encourage you to adopt this template and PRACTICE leadership. Today. What are you waiting for?

Then contact me and share your success story or questions.

All your best, Doug