Why Coaching can never be a commodity

I just got off a peer coaching call with a man I have never met.

Yet for 3 years we have held each other accountable to our dreams, goals, and visions.  He is my peer coach.

We agreed that coaching can never be a commodity because:

1.  Coaching is an interactive process.  We exchange all that is human.  We interrupt.  We rant.  We share evidence-based wisdom.  We guarantee results.

2.  Commodities have no emotions.  And people do.  You can buy consultative video coaching snippets.  You can buy self coaching units.  And you can buy junk food.  Those commodities are worthless.

One goal of coaching is to enable people to garner their emotional strength into constructive action.

We KNOW that emotions drive thoughts.  And thoughts drive actions.  We even know what portions of the brain, and what neuro-chemical triggers are involved.  So why would anyone even consider that coaching can be a commodity?

I am not threatened by the commoditization of coaching services.

However, I am disappointed by the distrust and fear that some people have that prevents them from asking for help.

Give me a call.  Let’s talk about what you are feeling and thinking and doing.

WTF Coaching

WTF stands for “what the f____”     It’s a swear word.   You should know that.

I swear by this:  WTF stands for “What’s The Focus?”

When you FOCUS on providing great value to people, then you will do so.

When you focus on cheating people, then you will do so.

WTF Coaching is a process of intentionally focusing on positive outcomes in your professional and personal life.

We ALL need WTF coaching at times.

No one is successful when they are alone.  Teams are successful.  The myth of the solo-preneur is dead.  Every successful client and alliance partner that I know of has a tremendous support team providing sales, marketing, delivery, assessments, etc.

Throughout history, our WTF Coaches have helped us become successful.  They help us keep our focus.

I currently work with 2 peer WTF Coaches, because I need more help than many 🙂

So, who is your WTF Coach?

Define only 3 Top Goals, then 1 Top Goal

Jim Collins is credited with saying, “If you have more than 3 “top goals”, then you will not make any a priority.”

Review your goals list.  Narrow it to your Top 3.  No more.  Stay focused on those.

We know from research tinto successful people that they ALL have an obsessive focus on one goal.  Not three goals…  Consider Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr, anyone in any history book.  They had one goal.  Only one.  Only 1.

So, what is your 1 top goal?

How to Live with Gratitude

There are only 2 times each day when you are alone with your thoughts.  No distractions.  No chaos…

1.  when you wake up and think…

2.  when you go to sleep and think…

So, it should be no surprise that, throughout recorded history, wise people have urged people to ask these two questions daily:

1.  Who can I help today?  Let that answer lead you into a life of service.

2.  What am I thankful for today?  Let that answer lead you to a life filled with gratitude.


Although I am not the wisest person in the world, I have practiced these two questions every day for decades.  The answers have helped guide me. Perhaps they will guide you also.

How do these answers help you live with gratitude?

Choose Happy Pursuits

Thomas Jefferson described “The Pursuit of Happiness” as an eternal truth.  He wrote amid revolutions in France and the unformed United States.

Recent research in neurobiology demonstrates that HOW we choose to live enervates different parts of the brain.  Yet so many people are fascinated by WHAT we do.   Hmmm.  Maybe we need to stay focused on choosing happy pursuits.

What would happen if you chose to spend TODAY focused on one activity- choosing happy pursuits- only?

Great Book: The Happiness Project

Hello fellow book lovers…
Perhaps you have read or know The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  If not, I heartily recommend it for a book discussion group.  Or as a gift for loved ones.
Great combination of self-disclosure, research, wit, personal development.
I bought this impulsively for a loved one  for Christmas, and of course she has not yet touched it.   I’ve inhaled it.   So I thought you might appreciate it…