February 23
How can I improve health care leadership?

Leaders practice leadership, just as physicians practice medicine.  Here are some details.   Health Care Consulting and Leadership Coaching We understand the challenges that executive leaders and physicians face. We…

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January 5
Yikes. How do I lead a virtual team?

Introduction The topic of leadership in virtual teams is increasingly popular, so this conversation requires a few definitions. Leadership can be defined as the act of influencing others through socially acceptable behaviors…

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November 9
Lessons from the Presidential election last night…

Today, the morning after, I have had three sessions with leaders who represent the division and polarity of our country. One is an EVP in technology, born in India, whose…

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November 8
How to apply the science of positive psychology (PP)

          Positive psychology (PP) can be defined as the science and practice of well being or flourishing.  Prior to 1998 over 70% of psychological research focused on…

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August 12
How Do You Apply Positive Psychology to Your Business?

     Positive psychology can be defined as the science and practice of well being or flourishing. Many of you have asked for details on how to develop your leadership…

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July 15
What recruiters know, that applicants do not know…

Your resume, however brilliant, only deserves 6 seconds.  At most. The infra-red images mirror the amount of time a recruiter scans your resume. And 65% of applicants do not meet…

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July 8
The Need for Physician Burnout and Resilience Assessment

There is a myth that physicians who endured medical residency can endure anything. There is a similar myth that healthcare administrators can overlook anything. Consider these facts:   Burnout is…

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June 16
Our First Summit was a Success! Are you ready for the next?

The first Action Learning Summit was held on Friday, May 20, 2016 at the Marriott in Nashville, TN. and was a huge success! If you missed this one, don’t worry,…

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April 21
How does corporate coaching work?

     The short answer is, “Corporate coaching works inconsistently.”        Corporate coaching is commonly an internal form of talent development.  Think of three pillars in talent development: …

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March 28
Skiing above treeline and strategic leadership lessons

When 5” of powder blessed Breckenridge, CO, yesterday, I took this stunning video and wrote these thoughts. Here are three short perspectives on skiing above treeline, and strategic leadership.  …

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