February 5
Psychological Health and Safety 101

You may be an expert in EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) but do you also know about PHS (Psychological Health and Safety)? Psychological Health and Safety can be defined as…

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January 28
Corporate Trends in diversity coaching

Diversity in Corporate America. I recently did some research on trends in diversity and leadership coaching.  As you may know, an international assignment is often mandatory for high potential employees in…

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January 23
Property For Sale

Thank you for your interest in our spectacular property on Lake James, near Morganton and Marion, NC. We urge you to print this page for your reference.  (updated 2.10.14) 1.…

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January 22
Who is Doug Gray, PCC?

  Doug Gray, PCC, is a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach.   Coaching and Consulting Experience Since 1997, Doug has partnered with hundreds of executive leaders in the Healthcare, Energy,…

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January 11
How to Mentor Potential Safety Coaches; Using the 3A Model

Mentoring is NOT the same as coaching. At the request of the editors of Professional Safety, the journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers, I wrote this article published…

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January 10
Managing Subcontractors, 5 Proven Tactics

Managing Subcontractors, 5 Proven Tactics, by Doug Gray, in Professional Safety, June 2013.  ASSE- June 2013- Managing Subs- p1.rtfd ASSE- June 2013- Managing Subs- p2.rtfd Managing other people is hard.  There is…

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January 9
What Site Managers want from Safety Leaders; 5 Tips for Improving Competence and Solutions

What Site Managers Want from Safety Leaders, 5 Tips for Improving Competence and Solutions, by Doug Gray, Professional Safety, May 2013.  May2013p1 WhatSite ManagersWant May2013p2 SiteManagersWant This article was written at the…

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January 8
How to Coach Safety Coaches; 7 Proven Tips

How to Coach Safety Coaches; 7 Proven Tips, by Doug Gray, published in Professional Safety, Feb 2013.  Coach safety coaches Feb 2013 p.1.rtfd Coach safety coaches Feb 2013 p.2.rtfd This article was…

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January 7
What is Safety Leadership Coaching?

My definition:  Safety Leadership Coaching is an emerging field of professional development for yourself and others. TIP:  Scan the words in bold.  Then apply them to your world.  Then call…

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January 7
The Value of Being A Safety Coach, Most of the Time

The Value of Being a Safety Coach, Most of the Time, Doug Gray, published in Professional Safety, August, 2013.  ASSE0813.ValueSafetyCoaching This article was written at the request of the editors, and…

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