8 reasons why you need a list of qualified alliance partners for your business

Business has always been defined by who you like and trust.  Those who deliver get the best results.

Future business will be defined by the quality of your web of qualified alliances or partnerships.

A friend is a successful realtor.  When people call he asks, “Would you like a list of qualified services that may be interested in helping you and your family?”  They typically say YES!  And he hands them a list of his favorite plumbers and dentists and… you get the idea.

As an expert in leadership development, here is my current list of qualified alliance partners and experts:

  1. Assessments. Doug Gray, 704.895.6479;  Adam Ortiz, PsyD, 704.248.0863
  2. Coaching and consulting. Doug Gray, 704.895.6479
  3. Change management.
  4.  Strategic Planning. Aviv Shahar, 425.415.6155
  5. Business development and sales
  6. Operational efficiency.
  7. Marketing.
  8. Social media.
Note:  I am expert in only 2 of these 8 categories.  I am delighted to post only 2 other service providers.  I am glad to provide the remaining names and links upon request.
Please call me at 704.895.6479 now for the remainder of the list.  Or to discuss your needs for your business.
If you think you belong on my list, please contact us.
If you are serious about your business, create your own list now.  Why wait?  I have 8 reasons listed above…