Define only 3 Top Goals, then 1 Top Goal

Jim Collins is credited with saying, “If you have more than 3 “top goals”, then you will not make any a priority.”

Review your goals list.  Narrow it to your Top 3.  No more.  Stay focused on those.

We know from research tinto successful people that they ALL have an obsessive focus on one goal.  Not three goals…  Consider Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr, anyone in any history book.  They had one goal.  Only one.  Only 1.

So, what is your 1 top goal?

How to Live with Gratitude

There are only 2 times each day when you are alone with your thoughts.  No distractions.  No chaos…

1.  when you wake up and think…

2.  when you go to sleep and think…

So, it should be no surprise that, throughout recorded history, wise people have urged people to ask these two questions daily:

1.  Who can I help today?  Let that answer lead you into a life of service.

2.  What am I thankful for today?  Let that answer lead you to a life filled with gratitude.


Although I am not the wisest person in the world, I have practiced these two questions every day for decades.  The answers have helped guide me. Perhaps they will guide you also.

How do these answers help you live with gratitude?

Goals and our Reticular Activation System (RAS)

The Reticular Activation System (RAS) is that part of our brain that registers when we hear / notice something familiar amid distraction.  Imagine being in a crowded supermarket.  Then you hear your child cry out your name.  Your RAS immediately kicks in.  Endorphins and blood flow increase.  And you respond to the stimulus…

What we measure leads to change.  Ask any MBA.  Ask any manager.

Try this 30-day goal setting activity described by Brian Tracy.  Get a spiral bound notebook.  Label it “My New Best Friend.”  On page one list your top 10 goals.  Then turn the page and set it aside.  Repeat on days 2-30.  On day 31, review the patterns.  Look for patterns.

Your RAS will help you.  Then share your observations with your coach or accountability partner.

What did you notice?

Goal Setting in 30 seconds

Bryan Tracy is famous for the “30-Second Goal Setting Test.”  Here you go:

1.  Think about your goals.

2.  Write them down in the next 30 seconds.

[pause and write…]

Virtually everyone would lump their goals into 3 categories:  1.  relationship goals  (family, work…), 2.  financial goals (money, career…) and 3.  health goals (diet, exercise…)

So, why do you think you are so different?

Possible takeaway:  Write your goals.  Work with a coach or accountability partner daily.  Re-write your top 10 goals on a new sheet of paper every day for 30 days.  Then go back and study whatever you wrote.