Goals and our Reticular Activation System (RAS)

The Reticular Activation System (RAS) is that part of our brain that registers when we hear / notice something familiar amid distraction.  Imagine being in a crowded supermarket.  Then you hear your child cry out your name.  Your RAS immediately kicks in.  Endorphins and blood flow increase.  And you respond to the stimulus…

What we measure leads to change.  Ask any MBA.  Ask any manager.

Try this 30-day goal setting activity described by Brian Tracy.  Get a spiral bound notebook.  Label it “My New Best Friend.”  On page one list your top 10 goals.  Then turn the page and set it aside.  Repeat on days 2-30.  On day 31, review the patterns.  Look for patterns.

Your RAS will help you.  Then share your observations with your coach or accountability partner.

What did you notice?