Success Tips from John Maxwell

You may know that John Maxwell has written several best sellers, including “Developing the Leader Within You” and “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”  At one time he managed two leadership training companies-  one in the business world, and one in the christian world.  IMHO, no one bridges these worlds better than John Maxwell.  He has been called the leadership guru of the century.

He defines “leadership” as influence, nothing more or less.

I have trained teams and individuals using the 5 levels of leadership content:  1.  position based upon rights, 2.  permission based on relationships, 3.  production based on results, 4.  people development based upon reproduction, 5. personhood based upon respect

Here are some of his gems:

1.  You can’t export what you don’t have.  Specifically, you can’t be a “leadership consultancy” unless you have proven expertise leading others.

2.  My greatest leadership challenge is not leading others, my greatest leadership challenge is leading my self.  Nothing is harder.  And nothing is more important.

3.  Examples prove concepts.  When I use an illustration it “brings the cookies to the lower shelf” so that everyone has access to the cookies.  See the point?

4.  Leaders are readers.  There are so many great ideas that others have explored.  We need to sift through those books and blogs and determine what we need, so that we can serve others.

What are some of your favorite gems from John Maxwell, or others?